I've honestly been lost,

in beutiful blue seas.


I've got lost in citys,



Tunnels, elevators, car parks.. :)


I've been lost in life.


Lost at the bottom of a bottle,

or in the wrong company.


Been lost in boredom..


But I know,

Not knowing where I am.


Is better than thinking,

I'm somewhere I'm not.


Lost means something new,

Lost means adventure.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote for fun!

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bishu's picture

Everyone has got lost

at some point or the other. This drew a nice real picture of life in general



allets's picture

I Get Lost Too

In a good my gardening time flies and four hours are gone before I realize I am overdue for a daydreams of past conversations...and yes, just wandering around: a fine poem . . . particularly " cities..." because I have also gotten lost in cities. :D Thanks for writing something useful. ~allets~