The Heart Of Jesus

The Heart Of Jesus

In my heart there will be no room

for hatred to grow only godly things

I will begin to sow.


I am anticipating a ruling concerning

my current behavior to receive God's

supernatural favor.


I will not sell my soul to the devil no

matter what the cost it was only Jesus

who saved me when I was lost.


I will give unto the Lord in return

complete trust and loyalty for his

compassion when he died on the

cross at Calvary.


I did not rely on the words of God

before the earth took formation I

should have known the gospel truth

without hesitation.


I repented for the things that I

had done wrong and now my

earthly sins are forever gone.


The ending of my life story should 

read I gathered many lost souls unto

thee for the king of royalty.


In the precious eyes of God prejudice

is such a disgrace people upon the

earth are engaging in violence and



The Lord took all of my shame unto 

Jesus I will always remain a faithful 

servant to him who rules and reigns.


I enjoy hearing the words to amazing

grace it was written for every human

being no matter what nationality,or



I knew in my heart that Jesus was

right all along I began to sing unto

him a heavenly song.


Satan wants me to miss his calling for

my life only known unto my Lord,and 

Savior Jesus Christ. 



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