Magical Night Divine



A glorious night it has come to be known

For it is the very night

That the Savior is shown


sought by chaos

 yet filled with love,  

distracting the young Mother

from the twinkling star above


Even sheep join in praise

under their shepherds gaze

also Gifted the experience

 to witness a serenade of angel’s praise


Not a single friend or neighbor

had any space for

the Blessed Mother in labor


While everyone else

was resting in their beds

My Blessed King

 was Born in a manger instead


My heart overflows

with joy and reprieve

As I imagine

that night’s beautiful scenery


Glorified by angel,

man and beast

with visits and gifts

from far away magi- kings


Magic dancing at every flicker of light

frankincense aroma in the air,

with a drummer boy tune in mind

All to help glorify this special moment

 on this special night


Sweet in his Mother’s bosom

is a King yet to come

Known as the Blessed Messiah,

King, Alpha, and Omega


This marvelous night

 is just the start

To many miracles, the transfiguration

And permeating revelations of the heart


mutiny by ally,

rejected by Pharisees

quickly cursed to death

 by the local king

who was threatened by the lingering DNA

from David’s righteous seed.


Such a night filled

with mystery and intrigue

forever love and sanctification

to the elite who believe



I sit in peace and awe

as I rest my eyes

and Imagine the magic

of that night divine.

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