As surely as the sun surrenders each nocturne,

Thus was the certainty of his love for her

Incessantly seeking the favor of her presence  

Following her with quiet footfalls trudging

Like a magi bringing the largesse of his love,

The sacred gift of never-ending adoration

His affection for her an unconscious obsession

A  purely chaste desire inflamed by his naïveté,


His fondness miserably misplaced upon her

By the immaturity of a young man’s expertise,

She simply enticed him with her wanton wiles

Her erotic expertise of deliberate deceiving

Plundering his innocence for selfish ends,

He left licking his wounds of emotional pain

Like a sailor blindly crashing on unseen rocks

Pursuing calls from the sirens on the shore.


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This poem traces the contours

This poem traces the contours of my own youthful experience at college, so I was a little uncomfortable reading it---which testifies to the poem's power and accuracy of delivery.  The allusion so the siren at the end was most provocative. 


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Lovely Allusions

I imagine the agony of being tied to a mast and hearing and irrisistable summoning. - allets -


 - a l l e t s -