Without A Pulse

The spirit materializes

Whipping through

Cutting the atoms

With the ease of

A razor.


Tesla's in the box

The coward

Trying to unlock

Himself to set

Free the trick

Houdini taught.


But he couldn't

Quite remember

So he pushed his

Head outward

To see the cosmos

With the gleaming

Eyes of God.


The Grim Reaper

In disguise

The dislocated cackling jaw

Almost looks like a puppet

And with one swift blow

The sickle slashes through.


Thus giveth light

Thus taketh away.

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allets's picture

Researched Tesla Briefly

Electrical engineer. Met Thomas A. Edison - nice reference. Thanks for giving me chance to explore his adventures in Europe and US as naturalized citizen. I liked that he quit a lot school/work.  


Liked the cleverness of Tesla/Houdini lines - I love ecclecticism. - Lady A -