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Some of my Totems are:


Powers: Healing
Otters are nurturing, playful, and easygoing. You often put others' needs before your own, offering what seems to be a bottomless well of compassion and care. Though your decisions are guided by your feelings, at heart you're pragmatic and self-possessed, making you the ideal head of a family or small business.


Stealth, hunting ability, enhanced senses of smell and hearing, as well as strength and stamina
"Family comes first" could be a Wolf's motto. You form deep connections with close friends and family members, and they know you'd do anything to protect them. You're loyal, devoted, and passionate. Your worst fear is being alone, but be careful not to drown your loved ones in too much emotion.

Fighting ability—strength and speed—along with powers of strategic thinking
You're #1! At least, you're happiest when in charge. You lead with courage, integrity, and compassion. People gravitate to your confidence and charisma, and they feel safe in your care. But be careful not to believe your own hype—stubborn pride is every Bear's downfall.


Powers: Fighting ability—strength, speed, and toughness
Nobody messes with Wolverines. You're fearless, assertive (okay, aggressive), and tenacious. You might be a Marine, or a middle linebacker. You're the best at whatever you choose to do, because you give yourself no alternative.


Foretelling future through dreams, dream-walking
Swans are idealistic, open-minded, and passionate. Your good nature often leads people to think they can take advantage of you, but they should be careful—beneath that serenity lies a fighting spirit. Your love is fierce and unconditional, fueled by the certainty that it should last forever.


Communicate telepathically with animals
As a Horse, you're sensitive, peaceful, and social. You easily make friends with members of all species, but you hold a special place in your heart for those who respect your intelligence. Sometimes your empathy can leave you vulnerable to others' moods or manipulations. Don't let one grumpy person ruin your whole day.


Artistic genius, ability to see patterns and sense trouble from a distance
As a Spider, you're artistic, intuitive, and independent—maybe even a little eccentric. You can become so absorbed in your endeavors that you lose track of the outside world and the people in it. But what you give in return is magic, pure and simple.

Communicate with the divine, discern powers in others, photographic memory
Hawks are the messengers of the Spirits. Adept with language, you might be a writer or a teacher. Your ability to assess situations impartially means that people often seek your guidance before making decisions. A brilliant visionary, you sometimes forget the mundane details of life like eating, sleeping, or paying bills.


Stealth, strength, phenomenal jumping ability, as well as enhanced sight and hearing
Grrr, baby—you're the personification of animal magnetism. Your confidence, beauty, and athleticism make you the target of many romantically inclined individuals. Too bad for them—you don't stick around long enough to make breakfast, much less a lifetime commitment. Hello Kitty, Goodbye Heart.


foreseeing death, communicating with the dead, resurrection
As a Crow, you are analytically, adaptable, and exceedingly clever. You like solving problems, sharing a hearty laugh with friends, and most of all, enjoying a good meal. Your inquisitive, philosophical nature leads you to constantly question authority and the status quo, sometimes just for the sake of asking, "Why?"


Human lie-detectors
Owls are keen, perceptive and skeptical. You're adept at getting to the truth, making you an ideal investigator or attorney. Your insights into the less honorable side of human nature can make you a bit cynical, but your numerous friends appreciate the dark sense of humor it brings.


Stealth, night vision, ability to read and manipulate others' emotions
Foxes are clever, perceptive, and shrewd. You're happiest working behind the scenes, pulling strings and watching others dance to your imperceptible tune. Independent yet highly social, you glide among your circles of acquaintance with ease, sharing your sharp wit or a delicious piece of gossip.

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Some of the things I've loved to do in my life: Fishing, writing, painting, florist, teaching, spending time with my family, singing and listening to music, working with horses, tending to my many pets and crafts, restoring antique composition dolls, playing cards, going to new places, cooking, dancing and spending time on the res with my extended family, going to museums, ballets, operas, plays and seeing the great outdoors plus traveling within the USA. I also love reading poetry and having good conversations, learning about new ideas and hearing about peoples history. :)


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