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I'm a mere human who enjoys the fun of playing with her words. I love music and reading, singing eating sleeping .......You name it I find something in it to enjoy. I would love to hear what other people think of my jibberish. I'm sorry if some or most of the stuff I post is senseless dribble. I'm just so excited to have found a creative outlet that whenever inspiration strikes I post. ……………… I'm really enjoying all of the poems on here. You get exposed to so many different styles of writing which is incredible. Thank you to everyone who has given me advice/criticism it's helping me to become a more mindful and hopefully better player of words..........the more I'm on this site the more I realize that I'm not exactly awesomely gifted at poemish things but I just can't stop.........

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It comes out just once a year and when it does it bites.

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Writing, doodling, singing,making up songs, music, the moon, sunshine, elephants,yoga,water,dinosaurs,waking up, cookies,a clean house, pantless fridays, slushies, dancing, hanging out with interesting people, cooking, nature, herbs, driftwood,weird music, musicians, concerts, singing,bubblegum, flats,brownies, dreams both mine and yours, people who actually read this, awesomely fearsome warriors,


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