Mainlining Tang


I cannot appear to locate how to emerge as the greatest inclination of myself
Only catching sporadic glimpses from time to time
in the kind love from somebody else's eyes (for somebody else)


My doubt, my hope, my fears

My loves and my passions sincere

in all their guarded glory


Oh, please do not access this library

and borrow from these walls

if you do not intend to return the hand-written scripture


and if you don't return,

as is so often the case,

at least install a skylight and a rope as a passerby


I've been down here far too long

feeding on freeze-dried ice cream and Tang

to recall the splendor and depth of real sustenance


Oh love, you're such a beautiful premise

but far too often I cannot bear to pine for you anymore

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Hand Written Etchings

prize commodities indeed! Especially the hiku scrawled on a pocket note pad - Enjoyed this one ~a~