"The Last Rose Petal"

At the point where your life needs instruction
Freshly woven politicians freely add to the destruction
Servicing their needs until you're haggard and pale
The taste of your words is disgusting and stale
Cut down all of the trees and sell us the oxygen
Stashing your greed and you can't find which box it's in
I await your cold hand to be embraced
My feet walk on the Holy sand you've disgraced
Stick the blade in the wrist
Giving wisdom a capitalistic twist
The end result of a terminated dream
An expulsion of an educated theme
Stuck in the middle of a crack in an atom
In a world and a conversation you can't fathom
I'm the reverse image of a snowflake
Is it the wrong road if it's the one you don't take?
Manipulating the senses to create an approval
Handing out a new illness for a slow removal
Misinformed with a separation of three degrees
Eat your McDonald's and receive your free disease
You're in this dirty game to win it
I've participated in your game to spin it
Kill an animal and hang it like a gold medal
Keep it up and the rose will lose its' last petal

written by: T. James Edward
from: "Verses of a Dead Hero"
(c) 2010-all rights reserved

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I think I might love you... or at least I love your mind. :)

Copyright © Jessica (Lynn Chiles) McCallum  www.PoeticallyRaw.org



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(blushing)-Thank you

(blushing)-Thank you kindly-(looking down and to the right)

T. James Edward-Dead Hero Poet

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Always happy to see a little pink....

Copyright © Jessica (Lynn Chiles) McCallum  www.PoeticallyRaw.org