A Careless Mess

If I pretend

your heart means nothing

to me


maybe mine

will resume its functional


and paper just might be able

to handle my

           w.o.r.d.s afterall

        But yours...


are just mean

and living

slicing into breathing tissue

     biting teeth

       grinding those words only

i can see anyway


And I believed you

when you told me

    that through countless rewinds

you'd become a kinder version



    that...uncommon you

But...but in all those untidy



i became the sum of a landslide

of calamities, blooming lilacs, spin cycles,

quarter notes, toy tin soldiers falling down in

progression~plink plink plink


that did not agree with the 22 year old

little girl who twinkled sweetly for you


And in all the dazzling adoration of

Your undeniable talent

   You left me with a paper drawing against

all my broken heartbeats


But I have words even you don't understand











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allets's picture

This One

I enjoyed. The one person audience - well executed, a kindly ranting :D


Cascade's picture

Thank you stella I am honored

Thank you stella I am honored you enjoyed this one

Jeriel's picture

Are you familiar with Paul

Are you familiar with Paul Claudel, a poet who was, for a time, French Ambassador to the United States (in the twenties).  He created a very unique form of poetry, during his writing career, in which he completed suspended traditional stuff like measure and rhyme for metaphors . . . one metaphor after another, in ordinary language, so that the poem's rhythm became the appearance of metaphors only.  I cannot fread his French, but your style here reminds me very much of what I have read of his in translation.  (Granted, he was not a very pleasant person, apparently, and is not now popular in France, more of his politics and personal life than his poems; but I am not suggesting you are like him in those aspects.)  But the sheer use of metaphor to carry the poem's emotional package . . . as in this poem, and Claudel's . . . is pure talent at its very best.


Cascade's picture

I am not familiar with that

I am not familiar with that poet, but I am very honored that you seem to think I am a talented writer, sir. Thank you...truly

Jeriel's picture

I wish I could be as humble

I wish I could be as humble as you when you write, "you seem to think . . ."  Actually, my friend, it matters very little what I think, you are an excellent poet regardless of what I think.  Your talent is like so excellent natural site---like a waterfall, or a mountain, or some such, that needs no other person's thought to be what it is.  Your talent is like that.  In the several years that I studied Claudel in translation, I could never figure out quite how he wrote what he did; and the same holds true here.  


There is a musical passage at the climax of the second movement of Chopin's 2nd Piano Concerto, a simple modulation from the seventh chord to the fourth, played between the basoon and the piano alone.  It is such a very simple piece of music---just four or five notes in progression, and it yet it has taken my breath away since I first heard a version of it in 1975.  Your poetry is like that.


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Wonderful expression of feelings.  Stephen

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Thank you so much, Stephen.

Thank you so much, Stephen.

word_man's picture

creative write cascade,you

creative write cascade,you are talented

Cascade's picture

You are a kind and loyal

You are a kind and loyal reader, wordman. Thank you!

word_man's picture

my pleasure mam..

my pleasure mam..