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IM NOW SINGLE, for the people who know me, i have deleted this chapter from my profile. This is a new year, and its time that i make changes in my life. start new chapters, write new beginings and new endings. My name is Erica, people call me Elfy, im bi, im 18 years old, i love to cook, bake, write, do random shit, curse, hang with friends. iv made my mistakes, but have learned, and am moving on. Tired of drama, bs, and being hurt. Iv had a rough life, but you get up and keep going. Dont give up. Be strong, even when life makes you feel weak. Thank you for the people who have stood by my side on this site, and have helped me grow as a writer. and i hope to start fresh with people that i made my mistakes with before. Love- Elfy

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My navel is small and round.
very cute, and makes no sound.
Its a innie, not a outie.

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Its better to be hated for who you are, then to be loved for who you arent.

Everyone is weriod, nobodys normal, just some are better at hiding it.-elfy.

It doesnt matter what you have been, it matters what you can be.

I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad, that the dreams in which I dying, are the best Iv ever had.- Donnie Darko.

Your on my mind, your in my soul, your my heart, my heart has no holes.-elfy

Secret inside my mind, is something I can't leave behind, love inside my heart is something iv had from the start. Something that will never end, and one day, I hope to begin? -<3


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